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Love Light ❤️💫 "Dragons Fly"


💫 Dragons Fly LOVE Light 💫 Illuminate Your World ❤️ Free shipping within the USA🚀Be sure to watch the video.

Having flown the Earth for 300 million years, Dragonflies symbolize our ability to overcome times of hardship. ❤️

I have been playing with the design of these captivating type of luminary for over a year now. I’ve named them, LOVE Lights. ❤️

The LOVE Lights measure approximately 19 1/2” tall & 4” in diameter. Printed on high-quality, heavy weight paper, they sit atop a solid wooden base.

Using my “LOVE” drawing method, I enhance the print with Lines Of Vibrational Energy “LOVE” and beautiful color. Each LOVE Light becomes a unique, one of a kind creation!😍

The remote controlled LED puts on a stunning light show with mesmerizing patterns and colors that glow and flow! And because they’re LED lights, you can leave them on 24/7. They last for thousands of hours! ☀️

Light Up Your Life 💫 by hooking up the USB cable to your computer, power banks, mobile phone chargers etc.! Use an adapter to plug it into a wall socket.

FREE shipping within the USA.🚀 Here’s what you get…

  • * My original alcohol ink painting reproduced on durable, heavy weight paper
  • * After print enhancements with my line work and color using my Lines Of Vibrational Energy aka LOVE drawing method!
  • * Long lasting vibrant LED lights
  • * Remote control
  • * 16 kinds of light colors with different flashing modes.
  • * Energy saving at only 3 watts. I leave mine on 24/7!
  • * 19 1/2" tall 4" diameter~ It's TALL!
  • * USB Cable Hookup. Use an adapter to plug into a wall socket
  • * Stunning day AND night🤩
  • *LED Light that can be left on 24/7. Lasts thousands of hours!
  • * $144 & Shipping is FREE in the continental U.S.A.

Dragons Fly puts on a stunning light show with her mesmerizing patterns and colors that glow. She brings beautiful light to wherever she goes. ❤️

This product is not currently for sale.

Love Light ❤️💫 "Dragons Fly"