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Learn To Draw "Lines Of Vibrational Energy" aka L.O.V.E. NeuroArt❤️

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Learn To Draw "Lines Of Vibrational Energy" aka L.O.V.E. NeuroArt❤️

Denise Johnson

I have been gifted the knowledge of drawing with L.O.V.E. “Lines Of Vibrational Energy” and I’m on assignment to share it with you at this time. ❤️

L.O.V.E. is a simple drawing method that is a powerful wellness tool. You’ll create something beautiful with L.O.V.E with or without art skills. ❤️

Creating with L.O.V.E. uses the principles of Science, Psychology, and Spirituality to bring Mind, Body & Spirit into balance ❤️

In the course, you’ll learn the basics of the L.O.V.E drawing method and you’ll build a solid foundation quickly in this 5 lesson course.

SUPPLIES - Only 3 things!

You probably already have these on hand!

  • Any type of fine tip marker. Sharpies are a good starting point.
  • Some type of paper. Nothing special. Copy paper works great.
  • Colored pencils, crayons, markers, or watercolors. Something to add color.


Document your LOVE journey. Take photos at different stages of your LOVE Drawing!

  • Take the first one of your blank piece paper.
  • Take one after your lines are drawn.
  • Take one during coloring.
  • Take one of your finished masterpiece!

Watch YOUR Transformation happen!🤩

You’ll experience first-hand how easy, relaxing, and gratifying it is to create a L.O.V.E. drawing.

Here’s what you get 🚀

Lesson 1

  • Explanation of the foundational elements of the L.O.V.E. drawing style. Guidelines~ Lifelines ~Curving~ Getting to the Point
  • Instructions for implementing the foundational elements to draw in the L.O.V.E. style.
  • Gain an understanding of the proven science and powerful spiritual aspects that make this such a dynamic wellness tool.
  • For artists, new vistas of inspiration & possibilities open up.

Lesson 2 (47 min):

  • L.O.V.E. "Lines Of Vibrational Energy"
  • Creating with the foundational elements of the L.O.V.E.drawing style
  • Benefits of this Wellness tool
  • The dynamic duo of Science & Spirituality expained.
  • Definition and clarification of Neurographica, neurographic art, neuroart and L.O.V.E.
  • The final touch - adding color
  • Setting the stage to be fully present in the moment to create a L.O.V.E. drawing

Lesson 3 (31 min):

  • Curving
  • No mistakes here!
  • Brain Waves, what's going on upstairs.
  • Change your mind. Change your life.
  • Overcoming resistance. You can do it!

Lesson 4 "The L.O.V.E. Tree" (43 min):

  • Transformation
  • Renewal
  • Evolve
  • Empower

Lesson 5 "Meditation Ceremony" (26 min):

  • This is a silent mediation with beautiful Native American flute music softly playing in the background. Approach this lesson as a Ceremony. Find a quiet spot, and perhaps light a candle or incense. Bring your special energy element such as a crystal, rock, jewelry, or whatever carries significant meaning for you. Take several minutes to ground yourself. Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and drop down into that heart space. Become still and quiet. Focus on your breath, breathing deeply and exhaling fully to release all tension and stress. Now begin your journey.

I encourage you to share the knowledge you'll gain from this lesson with others.

Join me on this journey of changing the world one L.O.V.E. drawing at a time. ❤️ We need more L.O.V.E. in this world now.❤️

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Learn To Draw With L.O.V.E.❤️

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