High Vibe Chick Tribe Of 4

Denise Johnson
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Here they are, the High Vibe Chick Tribe Of 4! They’re all ready and patiently waiting ( except for Sweetie, she has no patience…) to come into your orbit and make your life happier. So now, please allow me to introduce you to the Tribe of 4. :)

Meet Sweetie Bird. She’s that little bit nutso  friend that does the unexpected and sticks with you through thick and thin. Her antics always crack you up.! You’ll find yourself laughing a lot when Sweetie’s in your orbit!

Meet Ms.Lilly. She’s a chick that KNOWS how to have FUN! She’s always spreading her happiness by singing and dancing her way through life. Lilly’s energy is contagious. Can't you just feel her JOY?!!

Meet Marigold. This is one loveable, innocent and slightly ditzy chick. She’s always there to lend a hand and has a heart as big as the Universe. She'll brighten your days. How could she not? Just look at that sweet face.

Meet Auntie. Quite the sophisticated cosmopolitan she is. Beautifully dressed and coifed, Auntie loves the city life and all it has to offer. She glides through her days with ease and grace dropping nuggets of wisdom and eggs along her way.

This set of High Vibe Chick Tribe Of 4 are artist signed reproductions of my original alcohol ink paintings. They are printed on high quality photo paper. They will be packaged carefully and shipped promptly. Did I mention shipping is FREE?!!! Well, it is! YAY!

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High Vibe Chick Tribe Of 4

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