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L.O.V.E. “Lines Of Vibrational Energy” Library❤️


L.O.V.E. “Lines Of Vibrational Energy” Library❤️

Denise Johnson

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Denise Johnson! Artist. Creator. Magician

I’m a life long creator of many things. Most recently, I have been gifted the knowledge of  “Lines Of Vibrational Energy” aka L.O.V.E. a unique self-care drawing style that brings calm and balance to mind, body and soul.❤️

My L.O.V.E. drawing method is easy and simple. Anyone can do it! No art skills needed! You’ll enjoy creating beautiful artwork using this powerful self care tool.

When creating with L.O.V.E. "Lines Of Vibrational Energy", you enter into that calm oasis, in-between state of the Alpha brain waves. That sweet spot, where you're in the energy flow, the groove, and time just floats by unnoticed. You're in balance.

It's a powerful way to release stress, tension, and a way to connect with your inner self. It would be my honor to share with you my knowledge and wisdom of this technique.

I believe that we are all energy beings and need to reconnect with what is most important in life. I also believe that LOVE is the answer to every question and problem that we may encounter. L.O.V.E. will change the world ❤️

Here’s what's you’ll have access to for 12 months

  • Your Introduction to your Journey of learning to draw "Lines Of Vibrational Energy" aka L.O.V.E. It all starts here with 5 instructional videos!🚀 You’ll learn how to draw the simple foundational elements of L.O.V.E. and come to understand what NeuroArt and neurographic art is. And what the heck is Neurographica?🤔
  • Learn how to create uniquely personal L.O.V.E. drawings using focused intention.
  • Experience "Quiet Time" videos with peaceful meditative drawing sessions with beautiful background music.
  • Multiple videos on how to paint my stunning signature alcohol ink flower bouquets.
  • Go Abstract! I love the freedom here! Like a box of chocolates!
  • Full length tutorial on how to create my beautiful LOVE Lights❤️$36 value
  • Crafty lesson like greeting cards, journals and more!
  • An out of control (YAY!) freestyle drawing 🚀 Playing like a 5 year old with alcohol inks! Wear old clothes :)
  • How about transforming old art into new art with some L.O.V.E. magic!
  • The Cat's Meow video demonstration using a cat silhouette cutout and alcohol inks.
  • Product reviews! I LOVE playing with new art supplies!
  • New Arrival on the L.O.V.E. Library’s shelves… Downloadable 2023 Calendar with my whimsical owl art ($35 value) HummingBird calendar ($15.00 value). Happy Up your day and use them as a screen saver, wallpaper, or printout.
  • NEW! Coloring Book! Downloadable 🤩
  • A downloadable document of all my favorite supplies, tools, and techniques.
  • A downloadable document of 100 things I've painted with alcohol inks! And the list grows on!
  • A downloadable ebook I wrote “Complete Guide To Selling At Shows” I sell this on Etsy for $10!
  • Private Facebook group. A safe place and nurturing environment to share your thoughts and your creations.
  • You’ll be the first to be notified when I have new artwork available for purchase.

Here’s what are people experiencing drawing with L.O.V.E. “Lines Of Vibrational Energy”

  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • More positive outlook on life
  • Breaking unwanted habits...(Me too..TV snacking!)
  • Just feeling better overall
  • Experiencing a sense of renewal and positive change. Balanced
  • It literally rewires your brain bringing you into a state of Flow.
  • For artists, drawing with L.O.V.E. can bring your art to a whole new level 💥

TESTIMONIALS! 🤩 Here's what members of our 11k strong, highly engaged L.O.V.E. NeuroArt Facebook group are saying.

D. Jones “LOVE Neuroart has opened up to me a form of artistic expression I never knew I had. I started drawing during the pandemic and have tried different things, like still life, animals, etc and it was ok but I didn't find a niche until now. This set form is so unique, no drawing is ever the same. It also helped me during 16 months of someone's cancer journey, who we lost early this year, who I cared for very much. I'm so thankful to have stumbled on to this method and to this Facebook group. “😉

Lisa M “Thanks for accepting me into the group. I'm currently on a (staycation) burnout break from my job as a mental health professional, and happened to find this art form last night. I'm amazed at the power of journaling before and after my creation and the subconscious release of thoughts during the layers of ink.“

Betty G. “I find myself totally immersed...it allows my stressors to flow out of me. It provides great focal acuity when I am feeling scattered. I’m sleeping better and my level of impatience with the people around me has decreased. I draw everyday. Sometimes only doing your quick 3 minute draw exercise. It’s my daily dose of calm!”

Kari K. “First, thank you for accepting me into this group . I am dealing with some past issues (at 68, I have plenty) and I stumbled across this as a way to heal them.  I've done a few paintings, labeling the back with the issue or feeling.  It is very helpful to have a visual of sadness, anxiety as well as love.  I am sleeping better and have more creative ideas, blockages are being removed!  This is truly art therapeutic and fun!”

Lena B. “Since I just started I will say this. My very first day doing it, I didn't snack on one thing after dinner.  I was so engrossed in my thoughts and processes it was time for bed.”

Marie S.  “Denise, I only learned about L.O.V.E. neuroart recently, but it happened to be during an extremely stressful time. It was an activity I could do on one of the most anxious days of my life when a doctor suggested my son might have a serious genetic disorder affecting his heart and that one or more of my other kids could have it too. I couldn't concentrate on anything else that day, and the neuroart helped me to not freak out completely. (My son has been given a clean bill of health in the meantime). Also, I have been grappling with marital issues, health problems, and unhappiness about my work situation. I specifically explored these issues and felt like the L.O.V.E. neuroart helped me let go of a fair bit of resentment and gave me hope that things might improve. I guess the best way to describe it is to say it gave me perspective.”

May J. “ LOVE Neuro art is the most relaxing thing I've ever done. I have noticed an improvement in my recall of memories, my inner conversations are more positive but the biggest change has been in my understanding of music theory. All of these are small changes that I've noticed over the last six weeks. I am so grateful to have discovered LOVE Drawing. Thank you Denise ❤️“

Just feast your eyes on the beautiful artwork in our Facebook group. With more than 11,000 members, we’ve grown tremendously since the group was formed in January 2022 Join here!

There’s also a private group exclusively for LOVE Library members ❤️

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