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Hello & Welcome Friends! ❤️

I'm Denise Johnson, Artist, Creator, Teacher & a bit of a Magician!

For more than a decade, I've taught hundreds of artists and non-artists (FYI-no such thing🤩) how to create beautiful alcohol ink art. I'm no longer traveling to workshops or art shows, but thanks to some wonderful technology, I'm now able to offer my teachings and art online! YAY! 🚀

I've added a really exciting new experience to my art toolbox called "Lines Of Vibrational Energy" aka L.O.V.E. It's simple and it's powerful. It's drawing in the style of NeuroArt that is an effective self care practice for mind, body and spirt.

At its core, L.O.V.E. is where science and spirituality come together to dance. ❤️ Everything in the Universe is energy, frequency and vibration. “Lines Of Vibrational Energy a.k.a. LOVE!

For artists, it opens a new vista of possibilities 💫 If you're stuck in your art, or life in general, L.O.V.E. can help. It has for me. It has for many. 🚀

Peace ✌🏻

Denise ❤️

What the world needs now is Love sweet Love. ❤️


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